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In the context of devising the Company’s Business Strategy, 2017 saw a revision of the CSR Strategy, which introduced a new primary objective, measures and operating targets. The CSR strategy’s individual objectives have been def ned so as to support the achievement of the Company’s business strategy. These objectives and activities have been assigned tools in keeping with the Global Reporting Initiative (G4) indicators. Units responsible for the implementation of the individual objectives were also appointed.

The Strategy is aimed at the further enhancement of the positive image of the KGHM Polska Miedź S.A. Group with regard to the development of proper relations with the community. The Strategy is based on:

The Strategy is aimed at the further enhancement of the positive image of the KGHM Polska Miedź S.A. Group with regard to the development of proper relations with the community. The Strategy is based on:

The Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy is based on f ve key strategic objectives:
  • Shaping cooperation with local communities and internal organizations
    • building the principles of long-term cooperation for social engagement,.
    • determining the principles for conducting dialog with local communities and gaining social approval for conducting the activity (“license to operate”) on the basis of best business practices,.
    • implementing uniform and transparent principles governing well-being and sponsorship – building the position of a global leader who cares about the common good,.
    • creating social involvement programs to better understand the stakeholders’ expectations and in response to their needs,.
    • supporting KGHM’s key investment processes on all stages of their development.
  • Consolidating the position of a trusted and stable business partner
    • extensively promoting KGHM in domestic and international industry initiatives (related to sustainable development),
    • scommunication support in maintaining and developing trade cooperation with long-term and stable partners,
    • development of cross-sectoral cooperation
    • attaining the position of the “investor of choice” thanks to compliance with the principles of sustainable development, and development of a relation-based system of cooperation with suppliers,
    • respecting human rights and expectations of local communities
  • Maintaining the position of a responsible employer
    • promoting voluntary activities to increase employee engagement on the Group level,
    • building the image of an attractive employer
    • supporting the communication implementation of the occupational safety policy,
    • conducting operations on the basis of the highest standards of dialogue with the employees,
    • undertaking actions aimed at achieving the position of an industry leader in healthcare and occupational safety as well as stability of employment and employee compensation, and continuing employee education – “life-long learning”,
    • promoting transparency on the basis of the code of ethics and corporate governance rules, in particular respecting human rights,
    • supporting and promoting the education of future employees
  • Building an image of the KGHM Group as friendly to human health and the environment
    • carrying out CSR Programs: ECO-Zdrowie, and initiatives for protecting innovativeness and the natural environment – Strefa Innowacji, Promotion of Health and Counteracting Environmental Hazards,
    • strengthening the role and activity of the Group in the area of environmental protection
    • developing programs and initiatives to minimize the environmental impact, reduce emissions of greenhouse gases, improve energy ef ciency, waste management and reclamation of areas after closing mines, and the use and protection of water
  • Increasing the ef ectiveness of the Group’s internal and external communication
    • standardization of the communication rules and behaviors within and outside the KGHM Group,
    • organization of coordinated PR activities of the KGHM Group on the international level,,
    • improvement of the internal communication in KGHM Polska Miedź S.A.,
    • standardization and consolidation of the reporting tools in the key companies from the KGHM Group,
    • development of an international education system regarding sustainable development.

KGHM Polska Miedź S.A.’s Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy is available at our website

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