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Employees are the most valuable asset of the KGHM Group. The experience and involvement of our staff plays a key role in the development of all areas of the business model, builds our global standing and makes us an integrated organization open to the future.

Safety, cooperation, focus on performance, responsibility and courage of our employees translate into the overall Group’s results and position. We are able to ensure an optimum work environment and we continue to invest in employee’s professional development and good atmosphere at our plants. We are proud of having built long-term relationships with employees, which is reflected in a high average employment duration.

We recruit the best experts and specialists and use the knowledge and competence of experienced employees. We share knowledge and ideas, relying on involvement and integrity in day to day work. Such an approach results in effectiveness, the company’s achievements and our market position. 

We would like to maintain and improve our human capital and the associated intellectual capital. In our activities, we take into consideration the company’s mission, vision and long-term plans.

Selected examples of HR policy at KGHM Polska Miedź S.A.:

  • Improving the qualifications of the company’s employees and changing their education structure by co-funding graduate and post-graduate studies.
  • Securing the fulfilment of the requirements def ned in regulations by the employees’ participation in periodic training courses on occupational health and safety, courses and examinations entitling to take up jobs in which specialist actions are performed in underground mining plants as well as other jobs in the company
  • Improving employees’ competencies by the organization of training courses and other development activities, with a particular focus on managerial and interpersonal skills, as well as training on business process orientation in management.

We of er our employee's opportunities for improving their qualifications in the context of expected organizational and technological changes. We provide them with an opportunity to participate in training courses, conferences and graduate and post-graduate studies. To increase the training effectiveness, we use cutting-edge technologies – in 2017, we started work connected with launching PBI training on an e-learning platform.


In 2017, work was started on the IT system to manage practical training, traineeship and provision of materials for writing diploma theses at KGHM Polska Miedź S.A. A business concept was devised and work started on IT solutions for the targe e-Kariera system, which will be accessible for users from the Intranet level of KGHM Polska Miedź S.A. and via for those applying from outside of the company.

The e-Kariera [e-Career] system will consist of 4 modules:

• e-Rekrutacja [e-Recruitment] module (already operates)

• e-Praktyki [e-Practical Training] module

• e-Staże [e-Traineeship] module

• e-Pracedyplomowe [e-Diploma Theses] module

The work is slated for completion in H1 2018

Training programs are adjusted to business objectives. We study the development needs of our employees carefully. These data are collected systemically once a year and constitute the basis for building a training plan and calculation of the resources needed for its performance. The access to development activities is not limited by such criteria as age or gender.

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In 2017, the number of employees participating in a single training event was 28,387, including 19,442 in blue-collar jobs.

Selected development programs for employees - key figures

905 persons
took part in industry symposia and conferences in Poland and abroad.

During the meetings, they were able to become acquainted with new technological and organizational solutions, as well as exchange experiences with regard to performance, improvement of production efficiency, human capital management and innovativeness. The company’s employees also participated in cyclically organized conferences, including “Winter School of Rock Mass Mechanics” and “School of Underground Mining.”

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47 persons
took advantage of the co-founding of studies. The co-funding comprised graduate, postgraduate and MBA studies.

We continue cooperation with the largest Polish universities in opening faculties aligned with specific needs of KGHM.

389 employees
participated in courses to learn English and Spanish.

Enhancing language skills is an important element of the implementation of the plan of cooperation and exchange among Polish and foreign companies within the Group.

653 employees
were trained in Lean Management

based on the tools: Waste Elimination, 5S and Waste Analysis as well as Total Production Maintenance (TPM). The purpose of the training was to acquaint the participants with the methodology and overcome barriers related to the change of the manner of work organization used to date.

39 our specialists
working in accounting services participated in the 2017 Balance Sheet training course prepared by the Association of Accountants in Poland.

The purpose of the training was to improve the qualifications of the employees responsible for closing and accounting for the 2017 financial year.

326 employees
completed training on Integrated Management System, to prepare for acting as auditors and proxies for the Integrated Management System.

377 employees
completed training on MS Office, including above all training in Excel, Word, Outlook and PowerPoint.

Cieszące się dużym zainteresowaniem wśród pracowników dwudniowe szkolenia były dostępne na trzech poziomach zaawansowania. Biegła obsługa MS Office przyczynia się do zwiększenia efektywności pracowników korzystających na co dzień z różnych aplikacji IT.

Około 260 managers
took part in another edition of the Leadership Study program – development of management competencies.

The performance of the program improved managerial skills and contributed to a change of attitudes of the program participants, thereby translating into increased production efficiency, organizational efficiency and improvement of relations with employees.

for 362 persons
we organized training about the function of Company Social Labor Inspectors

We understand how important the competences of managers are for our company’s operation. We conduct training courses on an ongoing basis, ensuring maintenance and further development of the managers’ professional qualifications Employees may take advantage of the broad conference offering in Poland and abroad, allowing for getting to know new trends and solutions used in business. Support is also provided to employees to improve their education in higher education institutions.


In 2017, we launched the program “Toolkit for Managers” for the management staff. To adjust the themes of the training courses in an optimum manner, we started the process of precise identification of development needs based on a uniform competence model.

Many of the offered programs are dedicated to developing managers’ “soft skills” in communication and cooperation. They bolster their technical skills and qualifications.

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