GRI Indexes:
Domestic organizations:
Związek Pracodawców Polska Miedź

(Employers’ Organization of Polish Copper) monitors and gives opinions on draft legislation important for the economy, protect the rights and represents the interests of employers in the copper industry

Stowarzyszenie Emitentów Giełdowych

(Polish Association of Listed Companies), as a representative of companies listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange, provides Stock Exchange issuers with knowledge and advice in respect of stock exchange market regulations, as well as the rights and duties of participating companies.

Zachodnia Izba Gospodarcza

(Western Business Chamber), a local government economic organization which associates business entities operating in Lower Silesia. Currently, the Chamber comprises more than 300 enterprises from various industries.

Polska Izba Ekologii w Katowicach

(Polish Environmental Chamber in Katowice), a local government economic organization representing the economic interests of associated entities, in particular before the state and local government authorities, with regard to broadly understood environmental protection and sustainable development principles.

Krajowa Izba Sportu

(National Sports Chamber), a local government economic organization representing enterprises connected with sports.

Stowarzyszenie Inżynierów i Techników Metali Nieżelaznych

(Association of Non-Ferrous Metals Engineers and Technicians), an independent organization of a scientific, technical and managerial nature, which associates engineers and technicians of all specializations and related professions whose activities are connected with the non-ferrous metals industry

Stowarzyszenie Księgowych w Polsce Oddział Okręgowy w Legnicy

(Accountants Association in Poland, Local Branch in Legnica) which,
among other activities, provides specialist support for financial and accounting structures.

Izba Energetyki Przemysłowej i Odbiorców Energii 

(Industrial Energy Sector and Energy Recipients Chamber) associates entities which generate, trade in and consume electricity and heat energy throughout Poland. The Chamber gives its opinions on all planned amendments to the Energy Law and on respective secondary legislation.

Polsko-Kanadyjska Izba Gospodarcza 

(Polish-Canadian Chamber of Commerce) is an entity supporting the promotion of economic, commercial and cultural relations between Poland and Canada.

Izba Gospodarcza Zaawansowanych Technologii

(Polish Chamber of Commerce for High Technology), an entity which stimulates the development of knowledge-based entrepreneurship and assists in ensuring commercial success in respect of innovative projects in the area of high technology.

Izba Gospodarcza Metali Nieżelaznych i Recyclingu

(Economic Chamber of Non-Ferrous Metals and Recycling), an autonomous and voluntary organization which supports the development of non-ferrous metals and recycling industries in Poland.

Foreign organization:

International Copper Association (ICA)

Responsible for staking out directions for further activities, strategy and financing of international undertakings and promotional activities related to copper and its applications.


Represents and promotes the interests and views of the European metals and minerals mining industry in European Union institutions.

European Copper Institute

An organization promoting the use of copper.

International Copper Study Group

A group which prepares statistics related to production, consumption and trade in copper.


Eurometaux constitutes an interlink between the European nonferrous metals industry and the authorities of the European Union as well as other international and inter-governmental organizations. It mainly focuses on monitoring legal regulations which can affect the situation of the non-ferrous metals industry.

European Precious Metals Federation

Represents the interests of its members before European institutions, in particular with regard to processing safety, waste management, trade, customs administration, taxes and competition.

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