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Our mission underpins the vision for the effective utilization of the resources we have to become the leader in sustainable development. We endeavour to conduct gainful operations not only today and for our own good but also for the welfare of future generations.


To always have copper 

Use our resources efficiently to become the leader in sustainable development.

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Our values

KGHM’s values bind all employees, regardless of their position in the organization or nationality, and are a guidepost for all decisions and actions taken. We are building our global position as a reliable producer, trusted business partner and a company pursuing a sustainable development policy. We also base on our values on the KGHM Group’s Code of Ethics.


  • We face new challenges in a well thought-out manner. 
  • We are courageous. We stand up to new challenges. 
  • We are open and honest in mutual contacts and are not afraid to speak up about our opinions. 
  • We make decisions and seek new innovative solutions. 
  • We are responsible towards the natural environment in which we conduct our operations.


  • We are jointly responsible for the actions taken for the benefit of our stakeholders.
  • We set a good example for others, acting in a transparent and socially responsible manner.
  • We take responsibility for our decisions, obligations and constant development.
  • We build long-term relations with our business and social partners.
  • We are responsible for the natural environment in which we conduct our operations.


  • We are all jointly responsible for our safety
  • Protecting the lives and health of our employees is our top priority
  • We respect the natural environment and local communities in which we operate.
  • We put emphasis on continuity and stability of KGHM’s operations.


  • We achieve results while focusing on KGHM’s long-term success.
  • We set ambitious objectives and constantly develop
  • We take initiative and make extra efforts for the benefit of KGHM.
  • We perform our work well, using the appropriate tools and applying the best solutions based on our knowledge


  • It is the basis for our success.
  • We work as a team, sharing our knowledge and experience.
  • In discussions, we respect the views of others and are open to new perspectives.
  • We leverage the talents of the employees and respect multiculturalism.

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